How to Use GCash App?

The GCash app is a mobile money or “e-money” service that allows you to pay bills, transfer or receive money, buy mobile load, shop online, and do other things with your smartphone. However, many people do not understand how to use the GCash App. There are several ways to use the GCash app that you should be aware of. To learn more about it, read the complete article.

Purchase online or in-store

You can check out and pay with GCash as long as the online shop accepts it. Pay with your GCash Mastercard, GCash American Express Virtual Pay card, or PayPal account. My Shopping Box provides a free shipping address in the United States. If you prefer to shop in person, partner stores accept GCash. Look for a “GCash Accepted Here” sign at the entrance or cashier. Look through this list to see if a store accepts GCash. Every GCash QR transaction gives you 10% reward. GCash can also be used to purchase online subscriptions from Lazada, Zalora, Netflix, Spotify, and other websites.

Pay your bills

GCash allows you to pay bills from the comfort of your own home. To pay bills, log in to GCash and select Pay Bills. You can pay your bills whenever and wherever you choose by using the GCash wallet. GCash can be used to pay the following bills:

  • Meralco (electric utility)
  • Wastewater (e.g., Manila Water, Maynilad, etc.)
  • Credit for Internet/Cable (e.g., Home Credit)
  • Government (NBI Clearance, BIR, DFA passport appointment, Pag IBIG, SSS, etc.)
  • Load GCash may load any Globe, TM, or Smart phone number. You may fill mobile phones using GCash.

Purchase Load

GCash may load any Globe, TM, or Smart mobile number. You can use GCash to load mobile phones. Here are the steps if you don’t know the ways of how to load a mobile number from your phone using GCash app.

  1. Launch the GCash app.

2. Click the Buy Load button.

3. Enter the phone number you wish to load and press the Next button.

4. Enter a monetary value or select a denomination. Next, click.

5. Finish by confirming the payment.

Borrow Load is useful if your GCash wallet is empty but you can’t pay out. On the GCash app interface, tap the Buy Load icon. The typical load is 10 or 20 PHP. You can also select from PHP 20 load combinations. When you get the load, cash in fast to pay off the loan.

Send funds

From your GCash wallet, you may send any amount to anyone, anywhere. There are several methods for transferring money to someone. Use the methods listed below.

  • Express Send — send money to another GCash user instantly and without fees.
  • Scan, create, or upload a QR code to send money.
  • Send along with a Clip allows users to personalize how they deliver GCash.
  • You can send money to a partner bank if the recipient does not have GCash.

Withdraw funds

You can withdraw once you’ve earned enough GCash to spend or save. You have three options for withdrawing funds:

  • You can withdraw cash from any Bancnet or Mastercard ATM using your GCash Mastercard.
  • If you have a BPI account, you can effortlessly transfer money to your bank account by phoning *119#.
  • Withdraw money at any GCash Partner Outlet if you don’t have a bank account or a GCash Mastercard. Puregold Supermarket; Bayad Center and Expresspay; Villarica, Tambunting, RD Pawnshop, and Palawan Pawnshop;

Apply as a Credit Card

In a pinch, GCash can be used like a credit card. GCredit allows you to use GCash even if you don’t have a balance and pay later. GCredit demands a high GScore as well as a valid email address. GScore is a trust score for GCredit based on GCash transactions. Using GCash to buy things, pay bills, and make purchases increases your GScore. High GScores are eligible for credit limits ranging from PHP 1,000 to PHP 10,000.

Other applications of the GCash App

  • You may finish your transaction in a few taps by using GCash on your phone. Install the GCash app and navigate to the dashboard to select a service. For each transaction, the number 2882 sends text confirmations. You can use GCash services in addition to the app by dialing *143# and entering the relevant numbers.
  • Borrow money with GCash’s GLoan6 tool to start a small business, pay bills, shop online, and more. The monthly interest rate is 2-4 percent. GLoan is exclusively available to GCash and GCredit members.
  • GGives, unlike GLoans, cannot be cashed out. Offline, you can only use GCash by scanning a merchant’s QR code.
  • Binance, Paxful, and PDAX8 all accept GCash. This implies that when you use GCash to purchase cryptocurrency on the platforms listed above, the funds are deducted from your e-wallet.
  • GCash Pro9 provides additional services to entrepreneurs. BizStarter9910 is a GCash Pro monthly subscription bundle that includes the following benefits:

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