How to Remove Mendeley from Word

What exactly is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a London-based startup that provides products and services to academic scholars. It is a free desktop and web management program. Mendeley is a tool for managing and sharing research, as well as creating bibliographies for publications. It simplifies workflow and offers you more time to focus on your goals. You may store, categorize, and search references from a single library.

Mendeley Cite and Microsoft Office 365 compatibility

Mendeley Cite is a citation tool that is continually evolving as new functions and features are added on a regular basis. Mendeley’s website is fully compatible with Microsoft Office 365, previous versions of Microsoft Word, and the Microsoft Word app for iPad®. If you have an older version of Word, you can use the Mendeley Citation Plugin for Word, which is included with Mendeley Desktop.

How to Uninstall Mendeley from Word

Most Medeley problems can be easily resolved by closing and reloading the Mendeley Desktop Software. If you’re employing the two in the same units, make sure you do the same. The topics listed below will answer your queries about deleting or uninstalling Mendeley’s word. Let’s go over how to delete and uninstall below.

How to Remove Mendeley from Word Plugin

You must first exit Microsoft Word. Second, open Mendeley Desktop and click ‘Uninstall MS Word Plugin’ from the Tools menu. Finally, the plugin will no longer be available when you reopen Word.

Mendeley plugin removal from Word for Mac

Third-party apps can be deleted by simply uninstalling them, but there are a few things to keep in mind as you uninstall Mendeley from Word. Before removing an application, make sure to close it off. Otherwise, you may have to deal with the app’s residual files in the system. Basically, you must perform the following steps: fast app > uninstall Mendeley > erase app remnant.

Step 1: Quit Menedely

Before installation, you must determine whether or not the application is currently operating. Deactivate the application if it is running. Simply right-click on the active application in the document and select Quit to close it. If the application is still running or isn’t responding properly, hit Command-Option-Esx to open the Quite Applications Window.

Select the application from the list and click the Force Quit button, then click the Force Quit button again when the pop-up box displays on the screen. If you still have concerns about the application, take the following steps:

  • Launch the Activity Monitor from the Dock using Launchpad or Spotlight.
  • Enter Mendeley in the search bar, then choose the functions that include the necessary terms.
  • Select force quit in the pop-up box after clicking the X icon in the upper left corner.

If you find Mendeley still in the Dock, right-click on its icon again, then choose Option > Remove from the dock. Now follow the following steps:

Step 2: Uninstalling Mendeley from Mac OS:

Uninstalling Mendeley from Mac OS:
  • Let us now go over the fundamentals of uninstalling an application from macOS or MacOS X:
  • Launch Finder and navigate to the /Applications folder in the sidebar. Go to the menu
  • Locate and select Mendeley, then drag and drop its icon to the Trash in Dock (alternatively, right-click on Mendeley and choose the Move to Trash option)
  • From the menu bar, select Finder > Empty Trash, and then click the Empty Trash button.

When you empty the trash, all of the stuff inside are permanently removed. But first, make sure the files are in the trash and no longer needed. To reduce the danger, simply delete the program from the trash. Open trash, right-click on Mendeley, select permanently delete, and then click delete in the pop-up window.

Step 3: Remove any leftovers.

Delete the Leftover

The final step is to uninstall manually. If you do not intend to use this software again, you can delete all traces from the entire system. Let’s see how to get rid of all the leftovers down below.

  • Open the Finder, navigate to the Go option in the Menu Bar, and select Go to Folder.
  • To open the folder, type /Library in the box that displays and press the Enter key.
  • Look for goods with the word Mendeley in the following locations:
  • /Library/Caches/, /Library/Preferences/, /Library/PreferencePanes/, /Library/application support/, /Library/LaunchAgents/, /Library/LaunchDaemons/, /Library/StartupItems/, /Library/StartupItems/

If you are unsure that the files you are removing belong to Mendeley, don’t delete them until you have checked them. Deleting unrelated objects may have an impact on other apps or possibly the entire system. Let’s look at how to safely delete files.

  • Use the Search tool in Finder to specifically locate Mendeley traces:
  • Enter Mendeley (or the vendor’s name) in the search field in /Library.
  • Choose the Mendeley folder from the search results and drag it to the Trash.
  • To view the search result in a specific folder, click “Library” under the bar.
  • Select the items in the search result that meet your criteria and eliminate them from the Trash.
  • After that, you can go back and erase any Mendeley leftovers in the Library folder.
  • Finally, remove everything in the Trash to permanently get rid of it.

Beginner’s Guide to MAC

Are you new to MAC? If so, move the suspect files to the desktop for a few days and see if your Mac is still running smoothly. If everything is fine, consider uninstalling those items from your Mac. If you are unsure about executing this procedure, restore any previously deleted data before using a professional uninstall program to remove all software components.


Operating Mendeley may become difficult if you are facing issues after updations, Some issues can be solved with simple techniques but sometimes you may have to delete the application for solving the problem.

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