Top 6 Book Student Should Be Read in Free time

In my experience as a student, You already read a lot of books, and reading outside of the curriculum is not such a good idea from a competitive point of view. However, the item called “learn human” and learning how society works is highly necessary for a student to learn in order to be considered a full learner. Because it takes more than just a topper for a young person to know about human civilization and the workings of the human mind.
Also, the human race is made up of imaginative individuals who read, gain knowledge, and then put what they’ve learned into practice using their own ideas.

The Student Ought to Read This Book in Their Free Time

  • “What got you here, Won’t get you there,” written by Marshall Goldsmith

Simply put, the meaning of this book is that once you have accomplished your goal, you have done something; however, if you then set another, more ambitious goal, you will not be able to accomplish this by doing the same thing that you did in order to accomplish the first goal; rather, you will require some form of improvement.

  • James Allen’s work titled “As a Man Thinketh”

This book includes a snippet of a quote that was taken from a few other popular works of literature. In roughly five to six hours, you should be able to read this book in its entirety.

  • Thinking Fast and Slow By Daniel Kahneman

This engaging book will help you break your negative habits, and it will provide you ideas and suggestions for how to do it.

  • Charles Duhigg’s book entitled “The Power of Habit”

This book compares and contrasts the various life conditions that can occur and offers advice on how to deal with them.

  • If you put some thought into it, you’ll get rich. By Napolean Hill

the one of the greatest books available that discusses both the benefits and drawbacks of visualizing.

  • Robert Schuller’s book, “Dreamers vs. Doers”

The book covers a variety of tales, each with an in-depth explanation and enlightening conclusion.


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