How to open amazon business account?

Every day, numerous firms and enterprises need to acquire various items and services for their business usage, however owing to order limits and vendor issues, it becomes difficult for them to buy products smoothly. So, here we go with the Amazon Business Account. It permits large orders, shopping by multiple specified accounts from the same business account, tax exemptions, and many other advantages. As a result, you should register an Amazon business account for your entire firm. But how do you go about opening an Amazon Business Account?

It is simple to open an Amazon business account. You only need some personal and professional details. Then you must complete the application in a few simple steps, and the Amazon staff will check the application. Finally, your Amazon Business account will be operational.

Let’s go over the step-by-step procedure of creating an Amazon Business Account, as well as some additional information.

Who is eligible to open an Amazon Business Account?

Anyone who owns a business and need products in large quantities and on a regular basis from Amazon can register an Amazon Business Account. As a result, the essential criteria for registering an Amazon Business account is to have a business and all necessary information, as Amazon will validate the information.

What are the prerequisites for opening an Amazon Business Account?

To open a business account on Amazon’s website, you will need to provide your company name, address, and phone number. You will be asked for your credit card information as part of the registration process.

Furthermore, you must submit your email address and validate it in order to finish the procedure. Aside from that, Amazon will verify your information in order for your account to function.

How can I create an Amazon business account?

Here is a complete and simple step-by-step guide to setting up a new Amazon Business Account:

1) Navigate to the Amazon Business Membership Page.

Open a new browser window and sign up for a free Amazon Business Account using this link. This step allows you to create an Amazon Business Account.

2) Select the ‘Create New Account’ option.

Simply click on the “Create a new account” button. You must select this option since you are creating a new account. If you’re transferring from a personal to a commercial account, click the “Convert your account” button.

3) Fill up your personal information and create a password.

These are the personal details of the person who will create the Amazon Business Account that must be filled out. A valid email address is required. After that, create and confirm a new password.

4) Confirm Your Email

A One-Time Password (OTP) would be sent to the work email address used to set up the Amazon Business account. Check this box to confirm your work email and intend to open an account.

5) Now Enter Your Business Information

Upon verifying your work email, you will be taken to a new page that asks for information about the company. Fill in your name, name of business, phone number, address, and kind of business on this page.

6) Amazon Verification

It is crucial to mention that Amazon’s authentication of the firm would take approximately 24 hours by phone call or email. After successfully completing this verification, the Amazon Business Account will be activated and ready for usage.

How to Create an Amazon Business Account in 3 Easy Steps

As previously said, opening an Amazon business account is simple. You can either follow the full steps outlined above or the simple steps outlined below:

To access the new Amazon Business Create Page, go here.

  • Click the “Create an enterprise account” button.
  • Enter your company’s email address.
  • Enter your full name and choose a business password.
  • Now, you must confirm your email address with an OTP.
  • After you’ve verified your email, you’ll be asked to submit information such as your complete name, company name, and business phone number.
  • Amazon will now contact you by phone and email to verify your business, which could take up to a day.
  • You’ve completed the task! Your Amazon Business account has been successfully established!

How can I sign up for an Amazon Prime Business account?

Amazon Prime Business is unquestionably superior to Amazon Business since it offers numerous exclusive financial and software benefits. So, if you want to open an Amazon Prime Business Account:

If you’re creating an account from scratch:

  • To access fresh content, follow this link. Establish an Amazon Business Page.
  • Select “Create an enterprise account” from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your professional email address.
  • Fill in your full name and choose a professional password.
  • Now, use an OTP to confirm your email address.
  • After you validate your email address, you must enter your full name, company name, and business phone number.
  • Amazon will now contact you by phone and email to authenticate your company, which could take up to a day.
  • Your Amazon Business account has been created successfully!
  • Upgrade the Amazon Business account to Prime by going to this website and selecting the appropriate plan.

If you already have an Amazon Business account, follow these steps:

  • Visit this page for a variety of Amazon Prime Business Account plans.
  • Now choose your preferred plan and make a payment.
  • Your Amazon Prime Business Account has been set up.
  • How do you go about converting your Amazon account to a business account?
  • If you want to convert your Amazon account to a Business account, you must contact Amazon customer service. They will guide you and give you authorization to modify your account credentials to business credentials.

You can open a case in your Amazon seller central account before making any changes to your personal or company information. Contact Seller Support as soon as you begin the issue to find out what actions you need to do and what documentation they require.

Also, notify them if your bank account information changes. The seller’s support team will assist you.

Why should you create an Amazon Business Account?

If your company or organization routinely need Amazon merchandise, stationery, or other items, the Amazon Business Account is for you. It provides you with a variety of features, including:

  • Manage all of the users in your Amazon Business account.
  • Favorite vendors can be saved for convenient buying.
  • Establish budget caps and order-approval procedures.
  • Create a business credit card that only certain account holders will be able to use.
  • Register for Amazon Corporate Credit.
  • Integrate your purchasing systems to give your clients punch-out choices.
  • In some situations, you can have your items delivered directly to your door or port on a pallet.
  • All of these benefits make it ideal for you to sign up for a Business Account if you own an enterprise or a business.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of an Amazon Business Account?
Amazon Business has several advantages for its customers, but it also has certain disadvantages. So, let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of an Amazon Business Account:


  • Saving money on critical business purchases: The most popular reason firms subscribe to Amazon Business is to save money on essential business purchases. As a Business Prime member, you may save money on the items your company buys the most frequently.
  • Tax Exemption: Amazon offers tax exemptions to businesses as part of its Amazon Tax Exemption Program. Amazon makes it simple to determine if you are eligible for the program in just a few minutes.
  • More information about corporate spending: Amazon’s analytics dashboard may help you gain a better understanding of your company’s spending. The dashboard displays the total amount of money spent by your firm.
  • Amazon Business American Express card: As a Business Prime member, you will receive an Amazon Business American Express card. This card has no annual fee and gives either 5% cashback or 90 days free interest on purchases.
  • Delivery alternatives that are convenient: When you log in to your account, you may specify how and where your purchases will be delivered to your business.


  • Excessive Fees: When utilizing an Amazon Business Account, the corporation pays fees ranging from 6% to 15% on the majority of the items purchased. You’ll make less money overall if you sell items with a lower profit margin.
  • Difficulty in setting up product data: Uploading product data and technical specs to Amazon Business takes time. As a result, the organization would need to hire an IT firm, which would raise the price of the product.

In conclusion

This was the entire procedure for opening an Amazon Business Account. If you have to buy goods from Amazon on a frequent basis, this will be very useful to you. Furthermore, it will reduce your costs and aid in better management.

To get started, create an Amazon Business account from this page.

We hope you found this article useful and instructive. Please share your ideas and suggestions in the comments section below!

Thank you for your time!

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